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A reablement program is usually put in place by a local authority or other health organisation to assist individuals who may have experienced one of the following:

  • Overcoming a period of illness
  • Have a temporary disability
  • Recovering from surgery or other form of acute treatment

We have experienced competent care workers available who can help clients who are undergoing a reablement program.

This therapy of a short term support of up to 8 weeks, has as its objective the aim of increasing independence and overcoming practical and emotional difficulties. It is also designed to help you or your loved one regain your skills and confidence, so you can continue to move around safely and independently at home.

Our care workers will often work under the direction of an Occupation therapist (OT) as they assist you and encourage, often with the aid equipment prescribed by the OT. The goal is to enhance the client’s independence and confidence by assist them to relearn essential tasks, instead of the care worker merely doing the tasks for them.

Our enablement home carers help people become more independent and improve their quality of life both inside and outside their own home in order to help them get home and stay there.It gives adults the opportunity and confidence to relearn and regain some of the skills they may have lost because of poor health, disability or impairment or after a spell in hospital or problems at home.










If you would like to have a confidential discussion about the above services , please contact us using our client enquiry form - CEFP