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Personal Care

Our personal care services are designed to meet the needs of those who require assistance and or support to continue living in their homes and communities. We offer a client-centred service that is tailored to meet your or your loved one’s specific needs.

The service we can provide you with whilst you continue to live in your own house and your community includes:

  • Assisting you to get out of bed in the morning or make you a cup of tea
  • Assisting you to go to bed in the evening or make you a meal and assist you with your medication;
  • Dressing and undressing;
  • Assistance with personal hygiene such as bathing or shaving
  • Assistance with eating and drinking or making you a meal.

Depending on your needs, our services could range from half an hour to as long as is necessary.

  • We can provide you with day or night sitting service, giving the assurance and peace of mind during the day or night.
  • In the event that you are in need of Emergency Assistance and you urgently need a carer at your home we can provide you with a carer who is able to meet your needs at short notice.

Your safety is a key priority and to reassure you:

  • All our care workers are checked with the Criminal Records Bureau (DBS as is known now)
  • All our care workers undertake a mandatory Induction Training before they can be assigned to look after you
  • We are registered with the regulator: Care Quality Commission (CQC) and comply with all statutory requirements.
  • We have an easy to understand complaints procedure which gives you clear process to follow of you are not happy with the level of care we are providing you with.
  • We have robust quality assurance procedures which ensure we get your feedback and this allows us to respond promptly to your request.

How much will your care cost:

You will only pay for the level of care that you need instead of a flat rate across the board. Our fees are always agreed with you before we start providing you with the service which you need.